Sunday, May 27, 2007

Suffering and Healing

A year ago I left my apartment and town I love to move back to my parent's house. It was mostly to continue my discernment process, but I also wanted to help out with a crisis there. Well now, a year later, I'm back in the town I left. I came down for a visit and the Lord arranged things so that I had to stay another week...then another...and now I live here again. It's strange being back, but a relief and a blessing.

The situation at my parent's house was tough. They are being persecuted and abused by a legal system that is out for blood. I kept thinking how I needed to help them, I needed to save them, I didn't realize the damage that I was doing to myself. I wasn't doing the Lord's will at my parent's house anymore, and I was starting to spiral out of control.

So now I'm seeking healing, for that is what I've been told I need to do. The more I live here the more I see it too. I don't know down what path the Lord is leading me, but I'm learning to trust that Love and Peace is the destination.

I figure a new phase deserves a new color scheme and layout. The header picture is a crop of a larger digital images from Since it's someone else's artwork, I feel it's proper to site it ;)

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